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UWS Inc your trusted Google Cloud Platform Partner.

UWS Inc is a Google Cloud Platform Partner in India making so as to help clients overall flourish their organizations their IT undetectable.
Whether its consultation, arrangement or support. UWS Inc can help you in all of these phases of your move to cloud.
We offer you some assistance with adopting, manage and upgrade your cloud arrangements.
  • We offer you some assistance with identifying the best cloud arrangement that fits yours unique needs.
  • This is not the end we offer you some assistance with optimizing you’re existing cloud solutions for drive more business development.
  • We help you to execute the right cloud arrangements easily inside of your timeline.
  • Get the best and opportune support when you require us most.

We offer you peace of mind.

What you can do on Google Cloud Platform


Mobile Applications

Google Cloud Platform services let you concentrate on your application development, without worrying about framework. Build your application for Android, iOS on infrastructure that dependably scales as your application develops.


Websites & Web Apps

Built a multi-layered web application without any preparation or host a static site, Google Cloud Platform services and infrastructure empowers you to create and send strong, versatile, all inclusive accessible applications and websites.


Development & Test

Development and Test is the place any application begins. Google Cloud Platform gives the deftness to have the capacity to give things a shot rapidly and proceed onward without bringing about forthright expenses or confronting postponements while procuring hardware.


Big Data

Applications today are creating more and more data at speed like never before. Google Cloud Platform products and services offer you some assistance with collecting, ingest, and analyze your information rapidly and cost viably.



Google Cloud Platform framework and services empowers you to assemble greatly scalable games to please your clients without worrying about IT Infrastructure and forthright money related speculations.


Internet of Things

By 2020, it is normal that 50 billion connected gadgets will exist. Google Cloud Platform gives you tools to scale associations, accumulate and understand information, and give solid client encounters that hardware devices require.

Why Google Cloud Platform

Mix and match services

Virtual machines, Managed platform, Blob storage, NoSQL database, MySQL database and Big Data analytics. Google Cloud Platform has every one of the services your application modeling needs.

Focus on your product

Quickly create, send and emphasize your applications without stressing over framework organization. Google deals with your application, database and capacity servers so you don’t need to.

Performance you can count on

Each millisecond of latency matters. Google’s figure framework gives you reliable CPU, memory and disk execution. Our system and edge reserve serve reactions quickly to your clients over the world.

Scale to millions of users

Applications facilitated on Cloud Platform can consequently scale up to handle the most requesting Internet-scale workloads and scale down when movement dies down. You pay just for what you utilize.

Google-grade security and compliance

Convey on a base protected by more than 500 tops specialists in data, application, and system security. Cloud Platform consents to top certifications, as ISO 27001, SOC 2/3, and PCI DSS 3.

Get the support you need

With our worldwide community of clients, accomplice biological community and premium support packages, Google gives a full scope of resources to offer you some assistance with getting started and develop.

Google Cloud Platforms Products

Run your application utilizing the same technology and tools utilized at Google. Cloud Platform gives the building squares so you can grow rapidly, utilizing the services that you require.




A powerful platform to build apps that scale automatically


Compute Engine

Run large-scale workloads on virtual machines facilitated on Google’s base. Pick a VM that fits your needs and pick up the execution of Google’s overall fiber system.


Container Engine

Run Docker container on Google Cloud Platform, controlled by Kubernetes. Google Container Engine effectively plans your holders, taking into account announced needs, on a managed bunch of virtual machines.



Cloud Storage

Utilize a powerful, basic and financially savvy object storage service. With worldwide edge-reserving, your clients have quick access to your application’s information from any area.


Cloud Datastore

Utilize a managed, NoSQL, schemaless database for putting away non-social information. Cloud Data Store consequently scales as you need it and supports exchanges and vigorous, SQL-like queries.


Cloud SQL

Store and manage information utilizing a completely managed, social MySQL database. Google handles replication, patch administration and database management to ensure accessibility and execution.


Cloud Bigtable

Greater than a data warehouse, sufficiently quick for real-time access and less costly than running virtual machines. The widely acclaimed database that powers Google is currently accessible to you around the world.

Big Data



Analyze Big Data in the cloud with BigQuery. Run quick, SQL-like queries against petabytes of information in seconds. Adaptable and requiring no setup or management, BigQuery gives you ongoing bits of knowledge about your information.


Cloud Dataflow

Build, send, and run data processing pipelines that scale to illuminate your key business challenges. Google Cloud Dataflow empowers dependable execution for large-scale data processing situations, for example, ETL, analytics, real-time computation, and process orchestration.


Cloud Pub/Sub

Interface your services with dependable, numerous to-numerous, asynchronous informing facilitated on Google’s foundation. Cloud Pub/Sub consequently scales as you need it and gives an establishment to fabricating your own particular vigorous, worldwide services.



Cloud Endpoints

Make RESTful services and make them open to iOS, Android and Javascript customers. Automatically produce customer libraries to make wiring up the frontend simple. Built in elements incorporate refusal of-service assurance, OAuth 2.0 support and customer key management.


Translate API

Rapidly and progressively decipher between a large numbers of accessible language sets inside of your application, incorporating with Google Translate.


Prediction API

Utilize Google’s machine learning calculations to analyze data and anticipate future results utilizing a common RESTful interface.