Internet of Things

We have got full specialization in handling different types of IoT app development as per different industry requirements. We promise to deliver Smart Products and Smart Solutions to transform the current Enterprise Industry.

Internet of Things

UWS Inc. helps different organizations to design and construct intelligent IoT frameworks that can detect and react to client needs, and bridle tremendous amount of IoT gadget information over a wide assortment of use cases. We use abilities in application development, AI and machine learning, progressed analytics and natural language handling to change steaming and very still information into designs, predictions, proposals and activities for particularly intelligent communication and results.

IoT apps have different connection needs like for its range, energy efficiency, data throughput and cost of the device. WiFi is the best choice for every industry because it provides a seamless internet flow. Data transfer becomes easy when added with the Internet of Things varying from industry to industry. We are following WiFi technology of 802.11 b/g/n standards and working on dual-band WiFi (2.4Ghx and 5 GHz). We are doing rest API calling with secure communication Like TLSv3.0 and SSL and various other protocols using WiFi.

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