SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) was the most widely deployed cryptographic protocol to provide security over internet communications. SSL provides a secure channel between two machines or devices operating over the internet or an internal network. One common example is when SSL is used to secure communication between a web browser and a web server. This turns a website’s address from HTTP to HTTPS, the ‘S’ standing for ‘secure’.

If you’re a visitor or an owner/operator of a website using HTTP and seeing this warning, you should resolve it by enabling the HTTPS protocol for your site. HTTPS uses the SSL/TLS protocol to provide a secure connection, which is both encrypted and authenticated. Using HTTPS requires that you purchase an SSL certificate(s), and then you can install that certificate and enable the HTTPS protocol on your web server.

Here are some benefits of using SSL:

  • Improves Customer Trust
  • Protects Data
  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Affirms Your Identity
  • Increase Brand Value

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