Google Maps Platform

Location-Based Intelligence to Futurify your Business

With more than 25 million daily updates and 1 billion monthly active users, Google Maps Platform brings you rich location and routing information, to deliver exceptional end user experience. It gets better & simpler with UWSI’s expertise in integrating the Google Maps Platform APIs within your applications to build customized and agile experiences. Leverage the power of location intelligence through a suite of custom-built applications for Indoor Mapping, Field Force Routing and Logistics+Vehicle Tracking.

Empowering Organizations to utilize Google’s mapping services

UWSI is Global Premier Partner for Google Maps Platform.

We offer a unique combination of services to meet your Google Maps Platform licensing needs with the use of Google Maps Platform APIs.

We are also one of the few partners worldwide who have achieved the Location Services Specialization Tag, which is a direct result of our customer success program and business-outcome-driven approach.

More than just Maps

Visualize your data
Connect with unique insights & analyze business performance by embedding maps into websites & applications.
Optimize Assets
Monitor, manage & protect important assets in real-time with Google Maps Platform.
Engage user differently
Increase visitor traffic and drive user action by embedding maps in your sites and applications.
Build amazing apps
Build powerful applications that can track assets, alert based on geofences, and geolocate devices.

Google Maps Platform APIs

Google provides a rich set of location APIs for building amazing web and mobile applications which includes Javascript Maps API, Static Maps API, Street View API, Embed API, Directions API, Distance-matrix API, Roads API, Places API, Geocoding API, Geolocation API, Time Zone API, Elevation API

Javascript API
Create rich applications and stunning visualization with your own content and imagery. Add 360-degree panoramas to bring real-world context to your app.
Geocoding API
Powers the translation of address into exact geographic coordinates.
Geolocation API
The API returns location and accuracy based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes. Primarily for devices that don't feature a GPS.
Places API
Find the right location faster than ever with the help of Places Autocomplete API. Implementation of Places API in your application can create Location awareness, enable users to leverage the rich data of Google to find nearby Places of Interest.
Distance matrix API
Calculate travel distance and time from Point A to Point B with the help of Google's vast road network.
SDK for iOS
The API allows you to add Markers, Polygon, Polyline, Ground overlays, and Tile overlays to your maps. Automatically handles access to the Google Maps Platform server.
Android API
The API allows you to add Markers, Polygon, Polyline, Ground overlays, and Tile overlays to your maps. Automatically handles access to the Google Maps Platform server.
Google Maps Platform Static Maps API
Embed a Google Maps Platform image on your web page without requiring JavaScript or dynamic page loading.
Google Maps Platform Street View API
The Google Street View Image API lets you embed a static Street View panorama or thumbnail into your web page, without the use of JavaScript.
Google Maps Platform Roads API
Identify Road on which your vehicle is driving and get additional insights such as speed limits.

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